JavaScript Consulting by Thomas Fuchs


Hi, I'm Thomas. I'm the author of, the JavaScript user interface library.

I'm also a core member of the Prototype JavaScript framework and a Ruby on Rails core alumnus. I write about all things web at

You've used my work, even if you weren't aware of it. is used on sites like, NASA and—by services and web applications like Twitter, Basecamp, Blinksale, and moo—and in thousands of other projects.


I have a lot of experience building the impossible, squeezing unheard-of functionality out of all of the most popular web browsers.

Design & usability, combined with cutting-edge technical solutions are the drivers that lead to sites that users don't just use, but love.


I'm available for training, talks and workshops—at conferences and for customers. I have given sold-out workshops on JavaScript and Web User Interfaces.

Previous venues have included New York, London, San Francisco, Berlin, Vancouver, Boston, and Vienna.

hire me!

Interested in hiring me for your project? My rate is $800/hr and as of May 2011, I have only very limited availablity.

phone: +43 664 913 44 50

I'm based in Vienna, Austria but I have clients around the world.